What Are Wood Pellets?

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  • Wood pellets are a refined and densified biomass fuel that is formed when wood residues are compressed into a uniform diameter under high pressure. Wood pellets have a uniform shape, size and density and are ideal for automatic combustion heating systems such as boilers and pellet stoves.
  • By pelletizing wood residues from sustainably harvested biomass and quality waste wood, millions of tons of biomass can be put to work for the local economy while at the same time preserving the environment.
  • Unlike fossil fuels, wood pellets burn “carbon neutral”. This means that the combustion of wood releases exactly the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that has been absorbed by the tree during its period of growth and therefore it is considered as a closed circle. On the other hand, with the combustion of fossil fuels (natural gas, oil derivates, coal, etc.), we release carbon dioxide into our atmosphere that has been stored since millions of years under the earth surface.This leads towards the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere, known as the greenhouse effect, a major factor for global warming. 
  • As a simple example: Replacing a natural gas heating system of a single family home with a wood pellet heating system saves as many as 2.5 metric tons per year of additional CO2 emissions! Compared to fuel oil burning systems, the CO2 savings are close to 5 tons.
  • Wood pellets prevent an increase of the greenhouse effect, and therefore they can unquestionably be considered a form of fuel which protects nature.
  • As compared to nuclear energy generation, burning wood pellets also reduces the output related to MOX (Mixed Oxide Fuel), which is held responsible for acid rain. Acid rain is blamed worldwide for the destruction of forests. So we can safely say that among other benefits, heating with wood pellets helps saving our own forests!
  • Wood pellets are safe to handle and can be transported without the hazards of fossil fuels. Leakages, spills, fires, explosions and contamination have happened while drilling, refining or transporting oil or gas in tankers and pipelines. Wood pellets are clean and safe to handle and haul.

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